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Follow @moamalan when she’s wrapping up this seasons “From High Heels to Heels Down” with a day at WEW! Watch her experience the WEW concepts ‘In the lights’, Food Market, family fun and much more!
Until next time.

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It’s a bittersweet feeling.. can you feel it?
Tomorrow at 4pm we’re launching our last episode of “From High Heels to Heels Down”. Keep an eye open to follow Moa for a last time - when she finally gets to see Westcoast Equestrian Week 2022 in action 🫶🏽

#seeyouinthelights #wew2022 #westcoastequestrianweek

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Congratulations to our own ambassador @iirmakarlsson on winning the final WEW 1,50 Grand Prix presented by @hedinbil!

And thank you @adamsbroequestrian who provides us with beautiful gifts to all placed in the GP.

#seeyouinthelights #wew2022 #westcoastequeatrianweek

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Congratulations @pederfredricson on winning this weeks meeting prize - a bed from @ayaofsweden model Aya 04! Enjoy a well deserved rest in your new super comfy bed, and we wish you the best of luck in the World Championship. Life begins with a good nights sleep! 🤍☁️

#ayaofsweden @ayaofsweden @seng_sverige
#seeyouinthelights #wew2022 #westcoastequestrianweek

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A couple of days ago we got the chance to meet and interview the business-women, entrepreneur and previously olympics rider @lisenbrattfredricson! Watch the full interview at WEW TV.

#seeyouinthelights #wew2022 #westcoastequestrianweek

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About last night 🫶 our first IN THE LIGHTS jumping ever. Congrats @pederfredricson on the win and thanks everyone for a memorable night!

#seeyouinthelights #wew2022 #westcoastequestrianweek

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